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Well, a bit of Thursday night too when Rodney and I went to visit Joseph and Mummy. Rodney quickly made friends with the midwife who drew a picture of Joseph for him on a glove balloon.

Friday we were allowed to transfer to Waitakere hospital, which is a lot closer. We had the caesarean at North Shore which has a blood bank because of the problems Debbie had with her haemoglobin levels during the pregancy (due to a auto-immune disease/virus). She and Joseph have both been doing well, Joseph has been latching on and sucking well, but also loves feeding himself to sleep. There was a bit more of a cry as I changed him for the transfer, but nothing reaching Rodney's volume yet (thankfully). Debbie took her first steps out of bed just before lunch, and was getting herself around later (though taking it very slowly).

Both have settled in quite well at Waitakere in the Jade ward, room 11. Joseph had a good feed, then Debbie managed to eat all her dinner (except for some peas she let me eat), and I left them for the night as Joseph tucked into his second round.