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Joseph Scott Wessel

Debbie was wheeled into the operating theatre around 2:30pm, where they sat her up and proceeded to inflict her with all sorts of drugs, drips and diagnostics.

They used a slightly less level of spinal block this time (as she had a little overblocking with Rodney), and this proved much better. At 3:12pm they pulled him feet first from Debbie's tummy and he gave a quiet gargly kind of cry and sprayed all over the place. They brought him over so we could stare in amazement for a few minutes then when we were ready they took him over to the table to do a little suction, measurements, run some tests on him, and wrap him up.

Weight: 4170g (9 lb, 3 oz) Agpar: 9, 10 Length: 56 cm Head circumfrence: 37.7 cm

Meanwhile the doctor continued to stich up Debbie while she smiled though the whole thing.

After the stiching she was wheeled to the recovery room and given Joseph to breastfeed for the first time. All this time he was giving quiet little gurgle cries (so much quieter than Rodney).

She is now back in room K and feeling quite well. Joseph breast fed a couple more times, and then fell asleep beside Debbie. She has eaten her entire liquid dinner (apple juice, soup, custard, jelly, ice cream and milk).

Now Rodney and I are just off to visit her at the hospital (8pm). Rodney is very excited. We are having a party of McDonalds (Rodney's choice) and have some party drinks as well.