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Skannerz Racerz

I've been playing an interesting handheld game recently with my son, Racerz. To avoid us digging out all the things from the pantry each time we need to rescan a barcode I've been compiling a list that can be printed. Feel free to print this pdf for your own use. I suggest using a laser printer if you have one available, my tests with an ink jet printer were unsuccessful, but the laser at work did a great job. If you have some rides or parts we have not found, we'd be glad to get them. Just email the barcode numbers to me and I'll add them to the sheet.

Download: racerz.pdf (5 pages of barcodes, updated 23 July 2011 - Added DX Clutch thanks to Steve)

Download: racerz_list.pdf (text list, rides sorted alphabetically)