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Uncle Colin (Jan)

Gran (Jan)

Grandad (Jan)

Joseph having a bath (Jan)

Camping in the back yard

Camping (Feb)

Joseph in the jolly jumper (Feb)

Unpacking my new computer
(for my birthday - 10 Mar)

Rodney making me a birthday cake

Making a bake

The finished cake (Mar)

Rodney & Joseph (Mar)

Having a rest (Mar)

Joseph 5 months (Mar)

Debbie's Mum & Dad back
from a visit to Japan (Mar)

Rodney enjoying a visit from
his cousins the Joseys (May)

Rodney's playroom with Jacob
(right) and Dillon (left) (Jun)

Rodney sleeping (Aug)

Joseph 10 months (Aug)

Joseph and Grettel (Aug)

Rodney 5 years (Aug)

Grettel 1 month (Aug)

Work on a fishing boat (Aug)

Rodney at school (Aug)

Joseph & Grettel (Aug)

Debbie lloking great (Aug)

Wayne on a bit of a lean (Aug)

The happy couple (Aug)